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Njord is the god of the sea and sea voyages. He controls the wind and the storm, fishing, wealth and crop fertility. Njord is the father of Frey and Freya and lives in Noatun (harbour). He once was in an ill-fated marrige with the goddess Skaidi. The Æsir had killed her father and Skaidi went to Aasgard to demanded compensation for his death. The Æsir agreed and told her she could marry one of the gods, but their faces would be covered. So she could only pick a god looking at their feet, and picked the feet she thought belonged to Balder, the Gods beautiful favorite, but she was wrong. The feet belonged to Njord as they were the prettiest because they had been washed in the sea. This marrige was not wanted by either of them, but they reluctantly honored the agreement.

Litlheim AASGARD | This is Litlheims first collection of watches. They are designed in Norway and are based on basic principles, elegance, multipurpose use and affordable. The Aasgard comes in a 40 mm case of 316L stainless steel, a pretty, interchangeable strap and a Miyota 2035 japanese quartz movement. The Aasgard has a red second hand and it gives the watch design an extra dimension.

The Aasgard watches are classic and slim wrist watches with interchangeable strap, well suited for both men and women of all ages.


Product specifications:

Case - Stainless Steel
Movement - Miyota 2035
Width - 40 mm
Thickness - 8 mm
Glass - Hardened mineral glass
Waterproof - Resistant to rain
Strap - 20 mm nato
Interchangeable strap - Yes

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